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    Arvada Air Conditioner Repairs and Installations

    Knight Heating and Cooling is owned and operated. We are here to help you get the most out of your Colorado air conditioner, swamp cooler, and portable air conditioner. When we come into your home to do an Air Conditioner or Swamp Cooler Check Up we have a protocol that sets us apart from other central air conditioner service providers.

    Our Services

    Air Conditioning Repairs

    If your A/c is not cooling, making noises, running constantly, or freezing up call us and out technicians will troubleshoot your residential or lite commercial repairs.

    Air Conditioning Installations

    We install all brands of residential and lite commercial A/C units throughout the entire Denver Metro area including ductless minisplit units.

    Furnace Repair

    AC Tune-ups

    Knight offers annual service plans that will ensure your HVAC Equipment is running efficiently year-round. Plans start at $99 per unit! Call for more details.

    Ductless A/C Installation

    Knight is a certified Minisplit installer, our professionally trained technicians offer expertise in providing heating and cooling options to fit your specific needs.

    Lite Commercial Units

    Knight specializes in helping specifically local small businesses with all there HVAC needs. We work effortlessly to provide quick, cost-effective services.

    Keeping Colorado Cool

    Keep the dry heat out of your home. Call Knight Heating & Cooling today to get your air conditioning situation under control.

    In Arvada, Colorado, the summer mountain heat can be just as intense as the winter chill. That’s why having your air conditioning under control is essential to keeping your home happy and temperate. At Knight Heating & Cooling, our professional team of contractors will get your AC working so you can relax, work, and live comfortably in your home.

    Whether you need air conditioner repairs or a new system altogether, our team should be first on your list. We specialize in AC tune-ups, breathing new life into the AC system that your home already has in place. Often, with the correct maintenance, a home’s AC system can work for years without the need for replacement.

    But suppose your system is beyond repair. In that case, Knight is there to give you quick, easy, and affordable air conditioner installations for your home and business. We offer the latest technology, including a wide array of mini-split AC models.

    Give us a call to learn more about how we can serve your home. Come to Knight when you need light commercial AC installation and repairs.

    AC Repairs, AC Tune-ups, and More

    Sometimes, a unit only needs a bit of work to get back to performing properly. If you are diligent about replacing air filters and scheduling maintenance, you can likely save your current unit with a good repair.

    An AC under warranty may also be eligible for a repair instead of a total replacement. If you are unsure whether your unit is fixable, call us and speak to one of our contractors. We can send out a technician to examine your AC.

    Something is likely amiss if your AC unit makes new noises, does not get cold enough, smells weird, or will not turn on. We make sure to get our technicians out to you promptly at any sign of an issue.

    We don’t want a faulty device to put your family at risk or cost you more money. In the hotter months especially, we want to solve your family’s AC issues quickly so we can get your home back to comfortable living temperatures.

    Customers in Arvada, Colorado, have trusted Knight Heating & Cooling for years. Become one of our happy customers today by calling 720-537-4673 when you need comprehensive AC installation or repair

    Our Check Up Protocol

    We are here to help you get the most out of your Colorado air conditioner, swamp cooler, and portable air conditioner. When we come into your home to do an Air Conditioner or Swamp Cooler Check Up we have a protocol that sets us apart from other central air conditioner service providers.

    We service, repair and
    replace the following Air Conditioners


    We also service all other brands!

    AC Installation: Providing Smarter, Stronger Options

    While buying a new AC unit can be a pricey endeavor, consider it an investment for your home. The unit you currently use likely costs you an arm and a leg if it is faulty or no longer working as intended.

    When assessing your home and its needs, we consider power, home size, energy efficiency, and cost. What you want most is what we want for you, and from here, we can discuss AC models and types in line with your desires. Our wide selection is guaranteed to find you the perfect AC.

    We come to your home before installation to assess the scope of the project and give you an estimate. Then, we schedule an installation date that works on your time. We promise every service installation to be as hassle-free and quick as possible without sacrificing quality.

    We offer window AC units, mini-split air conditioners, and central air units, among other types and varieties. Should you require a ductless AC, we have you covered. We take on small projects as well as large, centralized AC systems.

    If you have any questions about what setup works best for your home, contact one of our technicians so we can get out to your house and figure out an optimal solution.

    Once we’ve installed your new AC, you can enjoy a comfortable home. You will also have a lasting unit that works consistently, keeps you cool, and saves you money for years to come.

    We service, repair and
    replace the following Swamp Coolers


    Here are 3 Tips to Keep Your Swamp Cooler Fresh!

    • Replace your humidifier pads every 3-5 years

    • Have an automatic flush, this keeps fresh water in your system at all times

    • Always crack your windows to create a cross flow of air

    While evap coolers are easier to maintain it is imperative that your swamp cooler is properly started and shut down (and winterized) each season! These measures will reduce the chances of flooding, lines bursting, rusting, and premature swamp cooler replacements.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your central air conditioner, repairs, ductless air conditioners, or energy star portable air conditioners please reach out! We are here to help!

    Mini-Split Ductless AC Systems and their Benefits

    Some customers are unaware of the mini-split AC option.

    A mini-split AC has one outside unit and one inside unit. The external unit compresses and condenses the air; the inside unit contains a fan and evaporator coils.

    While a mini-split unit will cost more than a windowed unit, it more efficiently cools a much larger space. Still, expect it to cost you more than running a windowed AC due to the power increase.

    This unit may be for you if you have a one-floor living situation larger than a one-bedroom or studio apartment. In such circumstances, using one of these is often better than a jump to central AC.


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    Why Choose Knight
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