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    Arvada Furnace Repair and Installation

    Knight Heating & Cooling is your go-to provider when you experience furnace troubles in your home or business. For years, our dedicated team has served the greater Arvada, Colorado, area, bringing homeowners the joy of timely and comprehensive furnace repairs and replacements.

    Our Services

    Furnace Repair

    Furnace Repair

    Call Us today if you’ve noticed your system working extra hard, not working hard enough, or causing higher than normal electric or gas bills.

    Furnace Installation

    Knight serves the entire Denver Metro Area providing expert furnace installation of all brands an types of residential and commercial heating units.

    furnace tune-ups

    Knight offers annual service plans that will ensure your HVAC Equipment is running efficiently year-round. Plans start at $99 per unit! Call for more details

    Boiler Repairs

    We repair all brands and types of residential and small commercial boilers throughout the entire Denver Metro Area including baseboard heat.

    Minisplit Ductless Heating

    Knight is a certified Minisplit installer, our professionally trained technicians offer expertise in providing heating and cooling options to fit your specific needs.

    Lite Commercial

    Knight specializes in helping specifically local small businesses with all there HVAC needs. We work effortlessly to provide quick, cost-effective services.

    We service, repair and replace

    The comfortability of your home defines your living experience. Call Knight Heating & Cooling today to fix your furnace troubles and restore the equilibrium of your living space.

    Whether you need a few furnace tune-ups or a complete replacement, our team will be there to assess your situation. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service for the most affordable price, maximizing savings while giving you an optimally functioning heating unit.

    It can be expensive to heat your home, especially if your current furnace is not up to par. We offer speedy installations and repairs so that your family or business does not have to weather the persistent Colorado cold for one more day.

    Our quick service includes emergency repairs and replacements should the situation arise where you need immediate assistance. If you need us urgently, we will get a technician over to your residence.

    When in doubt, turn to the experts at Knight Heating & Cooling. Our speedy and comprehensive service repairs and replacements will get your home’s heating under control. When Knight services your furnace, your device will perform reliably and efficiently for years to come.

    Furnace Replacement

    You might not know whether your furnace needs replacement or just a few minor repairs. Call us at Knight Heating & Cooling and we will personally assess your problem. Our knowledgeable technicians will bring you up to speed on the situation and what your possible options are.

    Please speak with our contractors to better understand our pricing system—why we charge what we charge and for what. We assure you that our replacement service is the best in Arvada, and we have plenty of happy customers to prove it. When you are ready, schedule a service appointment, and we can get the process moving.

    Once you have determined your need for a new furnace installation, our technicians will come to your house to assess the size of the furnace and the scope of the removal process. We will explain everything in plain language so you and your family will know what to expect from us on the removal date. Additionally, our technicians are there to answer any questions or concerns about the removal or installation.

    Next, we will begin the process of removing your current unit and installing the new one. We know service repairs have a reputation of being invasive and lengthy, so we aim to keep our repairs fast and respectful of your home.

    After we have successfully installed a new unit in your home, you can be sure of the results. Your new unit will now heat your family comfortably and at a low cost thanks to Knight’s attentive service. Remember to contact us for routine maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your unit.

    Knight specializes in light commercial heating unit installations. Why mess around with other service providers? We do it best in Arvada, Colorado.

    Common Furnace Repairs Needed

    Furnace repairs are commonplace, especially for homeowners who own older units. Whether you need boiler repairs or a new air filter, our team will get you headed in the right direction.

    We do repairs for all of the following issues and more:

    • Dirty ductwork
    • Dirty filters
    • Issues with pilot control
    • Old blower bearings
    • Issues with mini-split heating
    • General wear and tear

    Something like a malfunctioning thermostat could be making your furnace heat more or less than it should be. If your limit switch is not functioning, your furnace may be wasting energy by running continuously. If your blower belt is not working, you may hear a high-pitched squeak (and experience less heat in your home).

    All these problems and more come with the average furnace, especially one that has not been looked after. If you’re unsure of the problem’s source, call one of our technicians. We will get over to your house promptly to assess the situation and, if need be, perform an on-the-spot repair.

    Our Process

    We service, repair and
    replace the following heating


    We also service all other brands!

    At Knight Heating and Cooling we believe in being transparent with everything we do! We will answer any questions you have for us in regards to heating and air conditioning in Denver, Boulder, and the Northern Colorado area!


    Colorado winters are unique to say the very least! They range from stunning 65º days to frigid -15º, and this change can occur rapidly! Having your heating system on the fritz can be detrimental to the well being of your family. At Knight Heating and Cooling we understand the need for heating in Denver, Boulder, Erie, well- the entire Northern Colorado area! We strive to keep your heating repair prices reasonable while providing the best customer experience, because you matter to us.

    Boiler Repairs and More

    Boilers can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on the make of your boiler. A boiler can be a big purchase, so our team works with you to assess your situation.

    If your boiler is under warranty, it makes the most sense to repair specific parts. However, if the boiler is much older and in a worse state, we recommend getting a new unit.

    We have been servicing our Arvada neighbors for years—see why so many choose us for their heating needs. If you have any problems with your boiler or the heating in your home, call Knight Heating & Cooling at 720-537-4673.


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    Whether you need help with your furnace, plumbing, water heater, air conditioner or heater… we can help!

    Why Choose Knight

    When Should I Have My Furnaced Looked At?

    Knight Heating and Cooling suggests having a furnace check up once a year. Although you can wait up to 2 years between check ups if you follow these tips!



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